If you've experienced the unconditional acceptance and love of a loyal pet, then you have a glimpse of the impact these gentle horses and big-hearted volunteers make. Together, they form the foundation of our unique outreach programs provided for those of all ages facing struggles.

         Our mission always involves spreading joy, hope, and healing. During our educational programs, there is an emphasis on growing a student's confidence and trust as important life lessons are taught.

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        Mini Joys programs are for young children, teens, families and seniors who are facing tough emotional, cognitive, or physical challenges.  

       Lessons are uniquely designed for a specific impact on each target group we serve. Some visits are simply to bring joy and hope, while most of the programs have specific goals and outcomes,  becoming equine therapy programs.

        Curriculum covers a variety of life enriching topics and thus far two Mini Joys books have been written to strengthen the learning impact and increase long term retention by students.



        The Mini Joys Crew is made up of four sweet little miniature horses, one slightly strong-willed but lovable mini donkey, and a tiny little goat that always tries to steal the show!

         The staff consists of only one who acts as Executive Director, program developer, volunteer trainer and coordinator, and head barn pooper-scooper. :) This director works alongside, (and answers to) an additional six members of the Board of Directors.

        Over 45 awesome volunteers give of their time and their hearts to make it all possible!



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