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---Available for purchase or sponsorship for children in need---

A Special Gift:

When you purchase one of these beautiful keepsake hardbound books you are bringing a very important message to a child and supporting Mini Joys at the same time. 100% of the proceeds go toward providing more programs free of charge for those who would not have the opportunity to experience horses and receive these life impacting lessons.

      Big Bully Buddy, Finding Friendship


         Join Buddy, the big bully, as he discovers the joy of friendship.  Beautiful photography captures the story and helps to strengthen  the impact of its important message.

         There is almost always more to a bully than what we see. Our hope is that this story touches kids’ hearts and opens their eyes to what is often behind the big bully front. It’s a great reminder that friendship was meant for all of us, and the way to find it is through kindness and respect!

Wonderfully Made, The Story of Hope

          With Hope’s long ears, spindly mane and tail, and an obnoxiously loud "hee-haw", it didn’t take long for her to see that she was different. She wanted to be just like the horses.

        As the minis met children all over the valley, Hope learned something very important. She found that there were no two people just alike and that made meeting new folks is extra fun.  Instead of hoping to be just like “everyone else”, she realized that she was unique and special, just like each of her human friends.  Hope came to discover that she was wonderfully made, just the way she was!

       Our hope is that you know that you are wonderfully made, too.  We believe that you are amazing! No one else in this whole world is exactly like you. That’s pretty awesome.  You don’t need to be just like anyone else.  Be the BEST YOU that you can be, because you ARE wonderfully made!

Kids & Pets,  Much To Give, Much To Gain

         This beautiful photo book is dedicated to all those who have a love of animals...big or small. Each page features a child and their pet, across from an important character trait and short writing that illustrates an example of ways that children (and adults too) can grow in character by loving and caring for a pet. 

        It includes traits such as gentleness, patience, loyalty, being responsible, having grit, learning to connect...and many more!  We hope you'll love it.

FINAL 6 - Single pages JPEG.jpg

Books can be purchased at area D & B Supply Stores:

They are currently available at these locations:

NW Boise/Garden City store, 6650 N. Glenwood Ave.,      

and in Meridian, 1725  E. Fairview Ave.

In addition, books are available for purchase at the following locations:

Eagle Animal Clinic, 344 W. State St., Eagle

Idaho Equine Hospital, 16080 Equine Dr., Nampa

100% of the proceeds go directly to Mini Joys and we are EXTREMELY grateful

for the support of these local businesses!

$15.95 plus tax = $16.91

Please contact Mini Joys if you would like to sponsor books for children living in area shelter homes and for children with special needs that we serve. They so love receiving these gifts!

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